The Skin Peddler- Spooky Bedtime Stories

This story is inspired by a co-worker’s dream along with a line I overheard. As well as, the daily assignment from Writing 101- Don’t Stop Rockin.  I hope you enjoy.
“I am going to throw my skin away,” She said as she got up and left the room.
This is the place to come if you don’t want to be you anymore. They have it all here. All different shapes, sizes, ages, colors. You can be anyone you want for a price. They will tell you that everything has only been worn once. Only one owner here. You might ask where they get such high end goods. They won’t answer you. They will dance around the subject. Showing you your dreams.
Want to be thinner? No problem. Want more muscles? Not a problem, either. Blonde hair, done. Curly hair, done. Younger? Older? You name it. You’ve got it right here.
So what’s the price? The price is your soul. You are selling yourself when you decided to buy one of the beautiful skins from the skin peddler.
You will no longer be you. You will be someone else. I guess if that’s what you want. To escape, to be someone else. Then this is the place to be.
Be warned there is no turning back once you sign the deal. Oh, they have given up on the old days of signing in blood. An ink pen will do just fine. Once you sell yourself. You are no longer you. You are someone new. Which if that’s what you want. Than that’s great. But just think for a moment. There is no going back. No return from this point. You will be you but only different. You will change. Your soul is gone. You will morph into this new person. Who is this new person? You would think that you have been blessed with a blank slate. It’s a lie. It’s a down and out lie. The person’s skin you bought. They had their issues. Why else would they have sold their skin? Congratulations, you have just inherited their issues.
There is no escaping who you are. Maybe briefly. You can be someone else. For a moment. Until all your old shit comes back to you. Bottom line. You are you and your shit is your shit. Do with it what you want. Heal it, burn it, burry it. It’s yours for this lifetime. Make friends with it and stop making it the enemy.
I tried to stop you from entering the skin peddler’s shop. He is mastermind. He will sell you a new skin and steal your soul. You have been warned.
What are you going to do?


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