Mrs. Pauley’s House

I watched as she cried and begged. I didn’t understand why the police had taken her away. Mom said it was because she had fallen behind on her payments. That the bank got to take the house. Another reason why I don’t want to grow up. The bank can just come and take your house if you miss some payments. They didn’t even take into account all she has been through. The years she spent in the house. Her husband’s death. Nothing. Another reason why, when I grow up I am going to be a super hero. If I was a superhero now, I would have done something to keep the police from carrying away poor Mrs. Pauley. Mom said, “she has family to take care of her.” I told mom, it’s not the same. Your house is your home and it isn’t right. And who as an adult wants to be taken care of like a kid, she ain’t no kid, she’s an adult.  And anyways she doesn’t need taken care of she needs her home. Dad said, “that’s life.” What does he know? He’s a grown up and grown ups forget.


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