The Day After- First Movie to Scare Me

With the blogs about Halloween movies, I got to thinking about my favorites and then the scariest. Which lead me down a rabbit hole of the first movies to scare me. The first movie that truly terrified me was The Day After. Does anyone remember this movie? A great 80’s made for television movie meant to create fear against the Russians in America. A movie to promote the American government agenda to create the best armed forces in the world. I don’t know if it scared my parents into believing we needed the best armed forces. I don’t even think my parents watched the movie. I remember watching it by myself. The movie succeeded in creating paranoia of a nuclear war inside my tiny child mind. I don’t remember a lot of movie, just images of people dying from the affects of a nuclear bomb. It plagued my young mind. To have to watch my loved ones die in such a horrendous manner. Even more so, I couldn’t understand how two groups of people could hate each other so much. How they just couldn’t get along and why the innocent had to suffer for their differences.
What is the first horror movie that scared you?


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