Update for October

Another blog counting down Horror movies. Can’t wait to see what he shares. So many great ones!

Jabrass Knows Movies

It’s the last day of September, and October is going to be a little different here.

Since I love horror movies and October ends with Halloween, I decided that in October I would do a countdown of my 31 favorite horror movies. It will start with 31 on October 1st and end with number one on Halloween. So the format of the blog will change only slightly, just for the month of October and will return to normal (perhaps even better) in November. The posts will be shorter since I will be trying to post daily, but if I can’t post one day the next day will make up for it by having two posts.

Have a happy September 30th and don’t forget to wake up the members of Green Day…because September ends today…no? Not funny? Well at least I tried. Have a good day.


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