It Happened Again Today

It happened again today.  A beautiful dog running towards me, dirty and mangy.  I stopped running.  He stopped running.  We locked eyes and walked past each other.  We kept walking and watched the other.  I stopped, he sat down.  We watched each other.  I was getting ready to slowly approach him and call a co-worker to help me take the dog to the shelter.  I started to move towards him and he turned around and ran off.  He knew the game.  Poor dog.  I cried.

Is there a stray animal problem where you live?

Here’s my cry, my rant.  These animals, dogs and cats.  Didn’t ask to be homeless.  We put them there.  I am not judging.  I’ve been there, broke, landlord doesn’t allow dogs or cats, the animal haa destroyed your home.  That doesn’t mean you put them out on the street.  They are dependent on you and now you expect them to care for themselves.  Do the right thing.  Its heart breaking, to give your animal to a shelter, another owner, but it’s the right thing.

Check out No Kill Animal Shelter, and they have a list of no kill shelters in the U.S.  .  You can also check out No Kill Nation, which advocates for no kill shelters.  If you are outside of the U.S.  or in the U.S. and have any resources please share and I will reblog this post with the resources.

Please share, reblog and comment.  Thank you for reading.

One of my rescued dogs

One of my rescued dogs

My other rescue dog

My other rescue dog


5 comments on “It Happened Again Today

  1. I adopted a wonderful older German Shepherd from a no-kill shelter. She had been there 25 months. She has medical issues that are easy to manage. Sweet Jane is a lively, loving pet. I strongly encourage people to adopt or rescue and older dog, or cat. Thanks fo posting this, I bet it gets a lot of traffic. Ka

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