The Great Divide?

I don’t know why I struggled with this question.  Perhaps it’s because I am an ADHD reader.  I am always reading a couple different books at once.  I will read both non-fiction and fiction at the same time.  When I get tired of one I move to the other.  I bounce back and forth.  What I read, also depends on my mood.  What do I feel like reading?  Am I researching  a topic to write about?  Am I working curious about something, what to learn something, what to hear a good story, what a good fright, to be taken away?  There you have it, quick and simple.  I read both fiction and non fiction.  A couple different books at a time and what I read depends on my mood.  Anyone else out there, an ADHD mood reader?

What to learn about other people and which they prefer, fiction or non?  Head over to the Daily Post Daily Prompt

Fiction Book Shelf

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