Your Demons


You are consumed by your demons
To blind to see the plague that eats at your soul
To afraid to name them, to know them
You run
You hid
You are cruel in your haze
Vision clouded by false truths and you’re inability to wade through the shadows
I learned long ago
To make peace with my shadow
And friends with my demons
No longer their puppet
They are my muses
You, on the other hand
Use them for an excuse for your poor behavior
For you inhuman actions and your selfishness
Forever reaching and grasping
For something that does not exist
Looking to others
Abuse and mistreatment
False courage while you crawl away
I will not bless you with my pity
I will not play your games
All you had to do was turn around
Call your demons by name
Ask them to play
Instead of trying to give them away
No you are lost
Consumed by your misery, unhappiness and insecurities
Blaming everyone but yourself
There you sit
Eternally alone

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