The Meal

Okay, so here it goes.  First off you should know, I am vegan now (which means I don’t eat any animal products-meat or dairy).  Okay, well kind of.  I do my best.  However, I have a horrible sweet tooth.  If I’m craving something sweet, I don’t discriminate.  Don’t judge me, I just can’t help myself.  Yes, I know sugar is bad for me.  Guess I’m addict.

I was not raised vegan, even though my parents were old hippies.  We grew a huge garden.  We raised chickens and rabbits.  Even raised our own Thanksgiving turkeys.   We also didn’t have a lot of money growing up.  I grew up lower middle class in a middle class neighborhood.  Which means I was the kid in hand me downs from my mom’s best friend’s children.  She had three kids, the oldest was ten years older than me.  So, you can imagine my style in the 80’s, it was definitely 70’s. I still have pictures of me in brown bell bottoms and brown plaid shirts.   I didn’t have it the worst, my little sister did, four kids later, yikes!

Oh, my favorite meal.  I can smell it now.  The oil cooking.  Yum.  Since we didn’t have a great deal of money, when my parents wanted steak, they had to get the cheap stuff.  You know, round steak, it’s tough.  I can remember my mom using a hammer to tenderize the meat.  Not a meat tenderizer, a hammer.  My sister and I would jump around in the kitchen, while my mom pounded on the meat.  When my mom made round steak, she always made flat fries.  Thinly sliced potatoes, fried in oil with slices of onion.  We had a special slicer that my mom let use to cut the potatoes.  I would sit on the floor cutting potato after potato.

Dinner time was important to us.  Me, my sister and my parents would sit at the table and eat dinner together.  I miss those family dinners.  The home cooked meals.  Childhood.

mom, aunt and grandmame and sis eating in mexicosis and the jellofamily


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