The Red Sweater- Spooky Bedtime Stories

Hopefully, I have killed two birds with one stone. Written a story from three perspectives, as well as, omitted adverbs. This story continues with my Spooky bedtime stories for Halloween. I hope you enjoy!

Bloody Painting
“That damn tiny red sweater.” He thought. Now he was crying. Was he going to have to explain himself to her? Could she handle his deepest darkest secret? She must know, she looks like a witch, old petite and wrinkly. “Just look at her hook noise.” He thought to himself. She’s the one, she’s the one who cursed me all those years ago and she’s here to curse me again.
“Honey? What’s wrong? What is it?” She asked with concern in her eyes. She had never seen him this emotional. It wasn’t like him to just break down and cry.
The little old lady continued to knit the sweater, not looking up she grinned. She thought it was peculiar that a grown man of his demeanor would just start to cry. She liked that felt comfortable enough to express his emotions. She figured the couple had just found out they were expecting their first child, a welcome miracle since they had struggled to conceive. She herself remembered the toil of pregnancy. She noted that the young lady did not look pregnant. She must have been half the age of the gentleman she was with. She was beautiful and fit. “Maybe it’s too early to show,” she thought. The old woman had three lovely children and five grandchildren. They were not her pride and joy. Her pride and joy was her Yorkshire terrier show dog, Betsy, who was curled up next to her on the bench. Betsy was unmoved by the couple and engulfed in nap. This sweater, however, was not for Betsy. The old lady’s other pride and joy was her massive doll collection. In her old age she had taken to knitting clothing for the dolls to occupy her time. Her family and Betsy had grown tired of knitted presents.
“Could she know my secret?” He thought. “Why is she smiling? She knows, she has to know!” Screamed inside his head. He covered his face and hurried away. The young woman followed.
“Honey! What is wrong?” She couldn’t understand why he had just burst out in tears. “He brought me here to break up with me. He doesn’t love me anymore. I knew it. He saw the little old lady and thinks he is too old for me. We’ve been through this a million times. I don’t know how else to convince him, that I love him. That I don’t think he is too old.”
Panic was taking over the man. He wanted to be anywhere but this moment. He started to run, he didn’t care where he ran too, he just had to get away.


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