The Stranger (Halloween Version) Part 1 in a series of spooky bedtime tales

Before I dive into my story. I wrote this one for my dear friend Keith.The creature in this story is his favorite.
Why had I waited til the last minute to get my Halloween costume. It’s not like I didn’t know it wasn’t coming or something. No I had procrastinated and now I had only myself to blame. Even more troubling was that I had accepted an invitation to a Halloween Masquerade Ball with a Victorian theme. I had already called all the costume rental stores, nothing. Been all over town and now taking a deep breath was about to enter the overcrowded Halloween Superstore. My last chance. I was hopeful, I had called and the nice man on the phone said that he thought they might have one in stock. Fingers crossed I pushed and shoved my way through the swarm of people. I tried to look over the sea of heads to see I could identify an employee it was hopeless. I was trapped with hundreds of other last minute Halloween costume go getters.
I made my way down each aisle, scanning the remains. While hands reached in and snatched the odds and ends.
“May I help you?” Came a soft, yet masculine voice from behind me. I whirled around. To be face to face with a pair of deep green eyes, that sparkled like stars or diamonds. How cliche, I know. I was caught of guard by the beauty of his eyes and I found myself stammering for words. So very unlike me. “Um, yeah. Yes.” Trying to find my lost confidence. “I called and talk to someone about a Victorian costume. He said you might have one left.” Even though my expectations where not very high. It is after all a Halloween superstore with cheaply made costumes to last maybe the night.
He smiled at me. “Oh yes. I spoke with you. You are in luck. I believe I saw one in the back this morning.” He grabbed my hand to lead me through he dense crowd of panicked last minute shoppers. His skin was surprisingly soft and ice cold.
The warehouse was huge, dark and ominous. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and sent shivers down my spine. The sooner I was out of here the better. Once alone I noticed his strong physique. He seemed out of place for a Halloween store clerk. He looked more like someone I find in a mosh pit, the gym or a tattoo parlor, not here.
“Wait here,” He said softly. Something about him made my pulse race. I was finding myself deeply attracted to this mysterious stranger. I stood uncomfortably and awkwardly in the dimly lit warehouse waiting anxiously. I felt breath on the back of neck, as if someone or something was sniffing me. I felt a lump in my throat. My heart was racing and my body froze. I was unable to move, paralyzed. My mind raced, who or what was behind me. Trying to calm myself. It’s just my imagination I kept telling myself. Finally I spun around. There he was. “Will this work?” Pushing his blondish brown hair out of his eyes.  He held up the dress.  It looked so authentic, as if it come from the era. I almost fainted, it was perfect. I was feeling more at ease. I had my dress, now all I had to do was pay, hopefully it won’t cost me an arm and leg. Lesson learned, don’t wait to the last minute. I took the dress from his arms. “It’s perfect. Thank you.” That’s when I felt his teeth penetrating my neck. It all happened too fast, I never saw it coming. I melted. Every muscle in my body relaxed and I feel into his embrace.
Of course, I was fashionably late for the party. No make-up needed. I was going to be forever paler than I already was. The ballroom was filled with people dressed to the nines in costumes. It was like a scene out of a movie.
“This dress belonged to one of wives, I don’t remember which one. I’ve been around a long time.” He whispered in my ear. “I knew when you called that you were the one.” He smiled at me. Moving his arm towards me to take a hold of. “Ready my love?” I took a hold of his arm. “The adventures we will share. I cannot wait to show you the world. “ We start to enter the grand ball room, “And which lucky person shall we call dinner tonight?” He says winking at me.

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