The Cemetery

“Oh my gosh! Really? Could you make a little more noise?”
“I’m sorry. I’m hungry. We’ve been out here all night!”
“Keep your voice down.”
“What are you afraid that we might wake the dead? That someone might hear us? Come on. It’s 1 am, in a cemetery in the middle of now where. Who is going to hear us?”
“If we.”
“Okay, thank you for the reminder that you do not believe in my mission. If I want to be able to prove without a reasonable doubt that ghosts exist, than I need proof and what ghost is going to show itself to us when you are too busy stuffing your face with potato chips. Could you have picked a louder snack? We need to be quiet.”
“To what catch it in its natural habitat? To catch it being natural? When it’s not what, scaring people and just being a ghost. Oh yeah. I get it. You are making a nature documentary.”
“If I had known you were going to fight with me this whole time. I would have come by myself.”
“No you wouldn’t. You would have been too scared.”
“No, I wouldn’t. My God, I don’t even know why I am talking about this with you. Just be quiet. Okay?”
“No problem here. You really are jerk, you know that right? But before I give you the silent treatment until the sunrises, why are you so persistent to proving ghosts exist?”
“Ugh. Really? Don’t you ever wonder? You know if there is life after death? If there is more to this?”
“No, not really. Because there is nothing after this. We die and that’s it. End of the line. End of the story.”
“You really can’t believe that? Can you? I mean, that really surprises me. You do yoga, you’re a vegetarian. I figured for sure you would believe in the afterlife. That your soul moves on. I guess I figured you wouldn’t judge me for my beliefs. I guess, I was hoping you would agree.”
“First, I don’t judge you. Your beliefs are your beliefs. I can respect that. Second, I just don’t agree with you. You want me to believe that my soul would hang out in a cemetery when I die? That’s what you think, that you die and just go hang out somewhere? Not me. When I die, that’s it. I’m dead.”
“No, I think we leave this world. Unless we have unfinished business, than I think we stick around and try to resolve our business. Before we go on, to another place where there is no time. Where we just are. Until we decide to come back to another life, as a new person. Or maybe an animal, or a plant, who knows. And that’s what I want to know, to prove.”
“Never knew you could be so deep. Really. I just thought you were another dumb jock. Some dude that only cared about working out, looking good and making money. “
“I guess we both made unfair assumptions about the other person. I still believe that there is more to this life. That there is something else after we die. I am not sure what it looks like. I just know it’s there. It has to be. This just can’t be it. Anyways, I figured that a cemetery would be a perfect place for a soul with unresolved business to hang out.”
“I guess. You could have at least researched haunted places. I think you might have had a better chance. Cookie?”
“No thanks.”
“If you die before me, will you come back and let me know that I was wrong?”
A few yards away in the blackness of the night.
“Are you getting this? I can’t believe it! Two ghosts just sitting under the tree, they look like they are deep in conversation!”
“Where? I don’t see anything. Are you sure? I’m hungry. Hand me the backpack will you? And when will be done? My feet hurt. I don’t know why I agreed to come here, I don’t even believe in this stuff.”


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