a place time forgot

The green vines twisted and wrapped around the old wood and metal structures. Grass grew between the planks and railings.

It was quiet and serene. Chills crept up my spine and I shuttered. An eerie feeling of unease sat at the bottom of my stomach. For as restless and anxious as I felt, my curiosity got the better of me.

I stood there, just staring. In complete awe of what lay out before me. It was as if time stopped. As if I had entered the twilight zone. I could feel the electricity pulsating through my body.

It was beautiful. The lush green forest that consumed the old amusement park, that had laid barren for too many years. Thick trees invaded wooden roller coasters, as if reclaiming a piece of its self. Green vegetation climbed over bumper cars, tilt o whirls and merry go rounds. Swallowing lions, tigers, bears and tiny motorized cars which once carried smiling faces.

This place once enjoyed laughter and happiness. I cannot help but to think that it still entertains a different type of happiness.

Like a child I wanted to run, consume it all. Take it all in. I forced myself to move slowly, to relish the experience. I crept like the vines, taking my time. Never knowing what I might stumble upon. Who knows what untold creatures or people I might encounter in this desolate place. The silence was unnerving. Causing me to feel more on edge, giving just enough room for my imagination to take flight. Thoughts crept in of people, animals and things lying in wait to attack me. I would become like the abandoned park, just a faded memory. Yet, still I pushed on. I could not help myself. It was too beautiful, too peaceful to pass up. A place that was once too loud, too over stimulating, a mad house of people rushing here and there, busy with their vacations, their lives. Complete absorbed in themselves. That place had become a haven, a sanctuary, a place to stand still and be one with nature.

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