Sneak peak Rejected Revenge


She thought for a moment about taking the credit card too, but that would be traceable, she didn’t need any trouble, just a change of scenery. Plus she thought, once she left, there would be no staff, the place would destroy itself. No one would know what staff took what. Her mind slipped back to dreams of a new life. Anyways she thought, I am pretty enough, I could be a model or an actress. She again smiled to herself. Plenty of work for a girl like her. She had been limiting herself staying here. She turned around and walked right through a full length mirror. Pieces of bloody mirror surrounded Lucy. She tried to get her bearings. Tried to grasp the magnitude of her situation. She lay on the floor, covered in blood and tiny shards of mirror protruding from her skin. She was stunned and baffled by what had just happened. She was trying to regain her composure when she heard…


Art by KeylaRainbow, see her fiverr tag. 


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