Her Rant on abandoned pets

Her is a character in my up coming book Rejected Revenge.  I am also working on a sequel, a book told in the first person by Her, a serial killer on a mission.  Here’s a look inside her thoughts

I care for what you throw away.  The pets you discard because they have become too large, too destructive, too expensive.  Too whatever.  Did you not think it through when you decided to get a pet?  Did you not understand the commitment you were taking on?  Did you fail to realize that this animal is a living being with feelings?  No, you were selfish, you got this animal and thought only of yourself.  How cute it was.  Then you neglected it. It ate your shoes, peed on your floors.  Did you ask it why? Of course not, you are too self centered, took it personally.  You didn’t meet its needs.  It met yours. You are selfish.  I would eat your shoe too if you left me locked up for hours while you works or worse yet went to the bar.  You see your pets, that ones you leave in dark alleys, only want one thing your companionship. They want your love and you were too greedy to give it to them.  You are a shameful creatures and to think you made it to the top of the food chain.  You disgust me.  When the pet became too much you left it.  Left it to fend for its self when it’s whole life you provided for it and now it’s expected to survive on its own.  Despicable. I don’t’ know about you, but I believe in karma.  I believe in retribution.  And believe me, your time will come.


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